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Setting up a Business Hub
Setting up a Business Hub

Get started by completing your business details and linking to your external accounts

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To get started using Hoofpick for your business, create listings and take online payments, log in or register for a free Hoofpick Account.

Step 1: Complete Profile

From your Hoofpick dashboard, use the menu on the left to go to Settings > Profile.

You'll notice some fields are pre-populated with the information you registered with.

Display name is where you should enter your business name and Profile image is a good place to upload your logo (if you have one).

Once you've completed all the details, scroll down and click Update.

Step 2: Set Up Business Hub

Now open the menu on the left again and go to Settings > Hub & business.

Complete the fields with your website, map location, and address.

You can also choose to include your business in the Hoofpick Directory and Search. If you make this Active your Business Hub will appear on and the Hoofpick App. You'll need to enter your country, county and select an appropriate category for your business.

Include an About section in the Profile Text to introduce yourself or your business.

Step 3: Social & Analytics

You can also connect to your social accounts by adding URL links to them. These will appear as social buttons on your Hoofpick Hub and Hoofpick listings.

Hoofpick TV is an equestrian platform for uploading and sharing videos.

Step 4: Profile images

Next, upload a cover image for your hub by clicking Choose File and uploading a JPEG or PNG file (maximum size 2MB) from your device.

Cover image size - approx. 800 x 300 pixels.

Step 5: Update and save changes

Before connecting to Stripe, scroll down to the bottom on the page and click Update to save all the details you have added to your account.

Step 6: Payment settings

Now you can select which currency you want your paid Events & Bookable Services to use and connect to your Stripe account. You only need to connect a Stripe account if you're using Hoofpick to take online bookings and entries.

That's it, you're all set! πŸŽ‰

View your Hub on Hoofpick by scrolling to the bottom of your Hub & business settings and clicking View Hub.

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