It is very important that your Hoofpick account has been connected to Stripe before you create any Bookable Services or Events (otherwise you will be unable to receive payments).

If you haven’t got a Stripe account yet, don’t worry, you can register for one and follow the instructions to get your Stripe account set up and activated first. You don't need to be a company to use Stripe, you can select that you are an Individual/Sole proprietor.

If you’ve already got Stripe, great! Let’s get it connected to your Hoofpick account.

First, login to your Stripe account and complete their verification process.

Then you must make sure that your Stripe account has a Name. Go to Profile in the top right of your dashboard and check to see that the name field has been completed.

Now login to your Hoofpick account and go to Settings > Profile.

Scroll to the bottom of your profile details to "Payment settings" and you will find a button to Connect with Stripe. Click on this to get started.

If your device is already logged in to Stripe, you will go to the page below. Make sure your Stripe account is selected and click Connect. 

Note: If your device isn't logged in to Stripe, you'll need to enter your Stripe email here and log in to Stripe before continuing.

After connecting, you'll be redirected to your Hoofpick profile settings again with a confirmation message that "Your Stripe has been connected successfully." 

Scroll to the bottom of your profile details to "Payment settings", and you will see "Stripe account connected" with a green tick (you may need to navigate away from the page and come back to it).

Done! You can now create Bookable Services & Events and start taking payments online. 

For further information or support with using Stripe, visit Stripe Support.

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