If you've got anything equestrian that you want to advertise, you can create a Classified on Hoofpick. Your account comes with one free Classified so you're good to go. If you would like to know how to purchase additional listings, please see here.

First, go to your dashboard and navigate to Classifieds in the menu on the left. Use the drop down to click on Classifieds.

To create a new Classified listing, click Add new.

Complete the Classified Information

Any field marked with a * must be completed before you proceed to the next step.

Make sure the Status is set to 'Active' for people to see your listing. It can be set to 'Inactive' if you want to save your listing, but only you can see it.

If you would like your Classified to be seen on hoofpick.net and in the Hoofpick App, make sure you set Display on Hoofpick to 'Active'. But if you want your listing to only appear on your private domains (your Website, Facebook Page and/or Mobile App) then set this to 'Inactive'. 

Once you have completed the Basic Information, click Next.

Give a Description

You have an unlimited character space to provide full details (including a price is optional). Then click Next.

Add Media to your Classified

This can include images, documents and YouTube videos. Simply select 'Choose file' to upload a file* from your device.

Any documents you upload must be PDF files.

*All files should be less than 2MB each, and total upload on any submission should not exceed 10MB. If you experience difficulties uploading multiple files or images, try a lesser quantity, submit the Classified and then go back and edit it to add more.

To include video(s) in your listing, copy and paste the YouTube URL into the space provided. 

To add multiple files, click More and a new space will be provided for an additional upload.

When you've finished uploading your Media, click Submit to complete the Classified. 

You will be taken back to Classifieds in your dashboard with a message to confirm 'Classified has been successfully created' and your Classified will now appear in the list below.

You can view your Classified by clicking on the green eye button next to your listing.

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