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Unable to receive Stripe payments
Unable to receive Stripe payments

Resolving a Stripe payment connection

Updated over a week ago

If you have already connected your Hoofpick account to Stripe, but your clients are having trouble paying for your Bookable Services and/or Events, it may be because your Stripe account doesn't have a registered Name.

Then go to Profile in the top right of your dashboard and check to see that the name field has been completed. If it hasn't, enter your name or your business name and save the changes.

Now login to your Hoofpick account. From your dashboard go to Settings - Profile and scroll down to the Payment Settings.

Click on the grey button Connect with a different Stripe account. This will refresh your Stripe connection and Hoofpick will confirm that it's been updated.

You should now be able to receive online payments through Stripe for your Bookable Services and Events.

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