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Create and update a Membership
Create and update a Membership

How to create and manage a Membership plan for your riders

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Hoofpick allows you to offer Membership plans to your riders and clients, whether you are a Riding Club or an Equestrian Centre or even a Riding Instructor!

Memberships are a great way of growing your own community by encouraging and rewarding loyalty with member discounts and privileges. 

Control and manage your Membership plans entirely through Hoofpick and set discounted fees on your Events & Bookable Services for riders with a valid membership.

Add a new membership plan

To create one, go to your dashboard and navigate to Membership in the menu on the left. 

To create a new membership, click on Add Membership and complete the details of the membership plan you'd like to create.

  • Membership Title can be anything you like, it's how you want to define this particular membership plan (e.g. Junior Membership, Family Membership, etc.)

  • Price per subscription is set by you.

  • Type is whether this is being sold as a single membership for one person, or multi membership for a family, or group etc.

  • Valid until allows you to decide how long a membership is valid for by entering an expiry date (e.g. 31/12/2021).

  • Maximum members allows you to set a limit on how many subscriptions you'd like to sell.

  • Description is a space for you to provide all the details of what your membership offers and what the terms are.

Customers with Hoofpick CREME can use Chapi - AI assistant to automatically generate content or check grammar and spelling for the Description.

When you've filled in all the details, select Active to make it live and available to your clients and then click on Add. 

Your Membership plan will now be available for purchase on your Hoofpick Hub.

Viewing and purchasing your Membership

To see what this looks like, simply click on the view button next to the Membership plan you've added.

You will find your Membership in the tabs at the top of your Hoofpick Hub. This is where your clients will be able to find and purchase your membership. (You can also include it in your app.)

Editing and updating a Membership plan

The details of your Membership plan can be edited and updated at any time by navigating back to Membership in your dashboard.

Use the Action buttons next to your Membership plan to View, Edit, or Delete it. Please note, you can delete a Membership plan if it has no members, once it has been purchased by someone you can only edit the details.

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