Please note, if you are charging for your Bookable Service, you must connect your Hoofpick account to a Stripe account first.

To offer a recurring service (e.g. arena hire, clinics, riding lessons) you can create a Bookable Service on Hoofpick. 

Go to your dashboard and navigate to Bookable Service in the menu on the left. Use the drop down to click on Bookables List.

To create a new Bookable Service, click on the Add new button in the top right.

Complete the Bookable Service Information

Any field marked with a * must be completed before you proceed to the next step.

Make sure the Status is set to 'Active' for people to see your Bookable Service. It can be set to 'Inactive' if you want to create a Bookable Service, but only you can see it.

If you would like your Bookable Service to be seen on and in the Hoofpick App, make sure you set Display on Hoofpick to 'Active'. But if you want your Bookable Service to only appear on your private domains (your Website, Facebook Page, Mobile App) then set this to 'Inactive'. 

Once you have completed the Basic Information, click Next.

Give a Description

You have an unlimited character space to provide important information about the service you are offering (e.g. arena size, jumps available, etc.). Then click Next.

Choose your Booking Settings

These include:

The day(s) you have available
The slot time or length of time you are allowing per booking
The time your service starts and ends
Any padding time or time allowed between booking slots (can be 0min)*
Allowing multiple bookings on the same slot (e.g. group bookings) and setting a limit (e.g. 3 bookings allowed per time slot)

*Please note, if you are allowing Padding Time, your End Time must also include the Padding Time to allow the last slot to be booked.

When you've completed all fields, click Next.

Complete Price Information

If your Bookable Service is free, leave the Price Information set to 'Free' and click Next.

To charge for your Bookable Service, select 'Paid' and enter your service charge per booking in the Price field. If you create a Membership, you will need to put a Price for your Members (this can be the same).

You can also set your service From and To dates (e.g. if you are offering a clinic that only runs for two days). But if your service is ongoing, you can leave these fields blank and all selected days will be available up to 90 days in advance. 

Then click Next.

Add Media

Include images (JPEG / PNG) and documents (PDF files) by selecting 'Choose file' to upload a file from your device.

To add multiple images or documents, click on More and a new space will be provided for an additional upload.

*All files should be less than 2MB each, and total upload on any submission should not exceed 10MB. If you experience difficulties uploading multiple files, try a lesser quantity, finish creating the Bookable Service, and then go back and edit it to add more.

Once you've finished uploading your Media, click Next.

Create FAQs

You can create FAQs by entering a frequently asked question about your Bookable Service and then providing the appropriate answer.

To add multiple FAQs simply click on More and a new space will be provided for an additional question and answer.

To delete a FAQ, click on the red trash button next to it.

If you don't have any FAQs, just click Next.

Provide your Terms and Conditions

Give the T&Cs for your service which clients will need to agree to before booking.

Then click Submit to finish creating your Bookable Service.

You will be taken back to Bookables List in your dashboard with a message to confirm 'Service has been inserted successfully' and your Bookable Service will appear in the list below.

You can view your Bookable Service by clicking on the green eye button next to it.

If you have a Hoofpick App or a Hoofpick Website, your new Bookable Service will automatically be added to those.

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