Delete/remove a Bookable Service

How to delete a Bookable Service in your account

Updated over a week ago

You can delete a Bookable Service in your account as long as it doesn't have any bookings associated with it. 

Go to your dashboard and click on Total Bookable Service.

You will see a list of your existing Bookable Services. Click on the red delete button next to the one you want to remove from your account.

Then click Confirm to permanently remove this Bookable Service from your account, or Close to return to your list of Bookable Services without deleting.

Your Bookable Service will now be deleted from your account.

Remember, if you want to keep a Bookable Service in your account but hide it from public view to stop taking bookings, you can Edit your Bookable Service and set the Status to 'Inactive' and then Submit your changes. This means the Bookable Service will stay in your account but it can only be seen by you.

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