A Hoofpick App is a powerful tool, connecting you with your clients and wider equestrian community.

Full development of your App includes:

  • Your OWN Mobile Android and iOS App customised to suit your Equestrian Business.
  • Include all of your Events, Services, News, Sales, Contact Details and More.
  • Take bookings, event entries and payment directly in-app.
  • Offer a Membership subscription.
  • Send push notifications to your app users.
  • Communicate in-app with users.
  • Update, edit and add content including all your Events, Bookable Services, Classifieds and Blogs/News in real-time through your Hoofpick account.


  • Full development of your App is £1,500 which includes submission and publication on iTunes and Google Play.
  • To maintain your Apps compatibility with the latest versions of iOS and Android there is an annual £60 App resubmission fee.
  • Any Hoofpick Classifieds that you pay for will also be available in your App.

How does this compare with the market?

Comparisons with other popular Mobile App Developers in the UK
(including BuildFire, Yeeply, Magora, and Fan Studio):

How are Hoofpick Apps so affordable?

Our Apps all run on Hoofpick's comprehensive database to provide Equestrian Businesses with access to the market of mobile applications.

By sharing one central database and codebase, we are able to use a platform with dynamic functionality from which we can build customised mobile apps dedicated to an equestrian market.

Hoofpick Apps are designed to offer your equestrian community all your services at the tap of an App from the convenience of their mobile device. This secures your business a place in today's marketing and communication, while establishing your presence on the platform we're all using, at a price you can afford.

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