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How much does a Hoofpick Website cost and what does it offer?

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Let your website be an asset, not a drag to your business.

With Hoofpick, you get a choice of:

  • Monthly Subscription for £30/month, or

  • Annual Subscription for £300/year

That's it!

  • No development fees.

  • No initial setup fee.

  • Free hosting.

Your subscription allows you to manage your Website through your Hoofpick dashboard.

Your active subscription ensures any changes, including adding new Events, Bookable Services, Classifieds, Membership and News will automatically be updated on your Website.

Any Classified Listings purchased through your Hoofpick Account will be available for use on your Website.





  • Monthly Subscription for £30/month


  • Annual Subscription for £300/year

  • Choose from a range of multi-page Website designs professionally built for equestrians.

  • Mobile-friendly responsive themes.

  • Manage and update your Website automatically through your Hoofpick Account.

  • Welcome / landing page.

  • About page.

  • News.

  • Contact Info including Google Map location.

  • Facebook Page feed.

  • Social media links.

  • Advertise and link to your App in the app stores.

  • An integrated booking & payment system for your Events, Services and Membership.

  • Advertise your horses or anything equestrian for sale.

  • Easily share direct links to your Event/Service/Sale/News on your Website to social for clients to enter/book & pay.

  • FREE website hosting with Hoofpick.

  • Dedicated support.

Get your brand new Website with Hoofpick in minutes... literally!

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