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Create a Discount Coupon for your Bookable Service
Create a Discount Coupon for your Bookable Service

Enable your clients to receive a discount on your Bookable Service(s)

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If you'd like to run a promotion or special offer on your Bookable Service(s) you can create a Discount Coupon that your clients can apply to their booking.

First, go to your dashboard and navigate to Bookable Service > Discount Coupon in the menu on the left.

Click on Add new to create a new Discount Coupon.

Complete the details for your Discount Coupon:

  • Give it a Title.

  • Set an expiry date (how long you want your discount/promotion to be available).

  • Enter a unique code that your clients can use to get the discount on their booking.

  • Choose which Bookable Service(s) you want to apply the discount on.

  • Select whether you want to offer a percentage off, or a set amount.

  • Set the value of the discount.

  • Decide whether this coupon is single use which means it's only valid once for one person, or select 'No' if it can be used multiple times.

  • Make sure the discount is 'Active'.

When you have completed all the fields, click Save.

Your Discount Coupon is now active and your clients can apply it to the Bookable Service(s) you previously selected. 

Just give your clients the coupon Code you created (e.g. TAKE20) to use when they make a booking.

Use the blue Edit and red Delete action buttons next to your Discount Coupon to make any changes or remove it from your account.

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