You can integrate and synchronise your Hoofpick content with your current Website.

Once you have created your Classifieds, Bookable Services and/or Events on your Hoofpick account, you can then embed them in an iFrame on your Website.

  • This only displays YOUR content and comes with no Hoofpick branding.
  • It operates entirely within your website (no redirects) and all the Hoofpick functionality is still available (booking services, entering events etc.).

To get started, go to your dashboard and navigate to Integration in the menu on the left.

This is where you will get the HTML code to embed on your Website (you may need to contact your developer if you do not have access to your Website's dashboard).

Simply select the Hoofpick content (Bookable Service List / Classifieds List / Event List) you would like to embed on your Website and this will auto-generate the HTML code below.

If you would like to see what this will look like on your Website, click on Preview.

This is an interactive preview so you can click around and use it to experience how the embed will work and look on your Website.

Then copy the HTML code provided and paste it into your Website's HTML editor (on the page where you want it to display (i.e. Sales page).

When you save the changes to your Website, the embed will be live on your Website. 

All future changes you make to your Classifieds, Bookable Services and/or Events through your Hoofpick account will automatically be updated and synchronised with your Website.

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