With Hoofpick Biz you can create online forms and share them with ease. You can accept payments, get signatures, and collect valuable data that's all stored safely through your online account. Make them as complicated or as simple as you like and customise them to suit your brand.

You might like to use an online form for:

  • Pony Camp Registration

  • Rider Registration/Declaration

  • Stallion Booking

  • Jump Judges / Volunteers Form

  • Quizzes & Competitions

  • Rider Feedback Surveys

  • Photo Order Form

  • Job Application

  • Horse/Pony Records

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

Create an online form

Share your form

Embed your form in your Hoofpick content

Create an online form

To get started, you'll need to login or create a Hoofpick Biz account.

You can choose to create a form from scratch, by clicking on "Create Form" to build your first form.

Or, you can use one of the prebuilt equestrian templates to get started quickly. Just go to Forms and then use the dropdown next to "+ Create Form" to select from the available templates.

This will automatically load the form in the form builder. You can start customising it and adding content by dragging and dropping fields on the left into your form:

You can edit any of the fields by clicking on them.

An edit box will pop up on the right for you to customise. When you've finished editing that field, click "Save".

When you've finished creating your form, you can go ahead and click "Save" at the bottom. You'll be presented with a few options:

  • It's Ok - select this if you want to continue editing your form.

  • Let's go to Form Settings - select this if you want to manage your form settings, such as receiving email notifications when someone submits your form.

  • Share this Form - select this if you're ready to publish your form and start collecting submissions.

  • I finished! Take me back to the Form Manager - select this if you're done for the day and don't need to do anything else right now.

Share your form

Once you've created and saved your form, you'll find it listed under Forms. Here, you can click on "Actions" and select "Publish & Share":

Now you can choose how you'd like to share your form. If you just want to share a link to your form via email or social channels, click on "Share Form Link" to get the form URL:

Note: Friendly Link to your Form is a URL containing your form's name, so if you edit your form's name, the URL will change and any previous URLs you've shared will no longer work. We recommend using the top link if you plan on making changes to your form. 😉

To view how your form will appear when you share the link to it, click on "Go!"

Embed your form in your Hoofpick content

You can embed your form in any of your Hoofpick content. This includes all of your listings (News, Events, Bookables, Classifieds and Auctions). Anyone will be able to view and submit the form without leaving your listing.

Find your form listed under Forms. Here, you can click on "Actions" and select "Publish & Share":

Then click on "Full Form & Hoofpick Embed":

Scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Hoofpick.net Website and Mobile App Embed". Here you'll find your Form ID which you'll need to copy and paste into your Hoofpick listing.

Go to the listing in your Hoofpick dashboard and click on the blue Edit button. For example, we could embed this form in our Private Lesson Bookable to allow riders to submit a declaration before booking their first lesson with us.

Then go to the Description tab and find the Hoofpick Biz Form fields you'll need to complete:

Give your form a button label that will appear on your listing, e.g. "Rider Declaration Form". Then paste your Form ID from Hoofpick Biz.

Now you can go ahead and Submit changes to save the form to your listing. If you want to view your form, simply view the listing from your dashboard.

You'll be able to spot your form by the label you gave it:

Now when people view your listing they can open, complete and submit the form - all without leaving your listing!

Note: For Hoofpick App Owners, this will work perfectly inside your app too. 👌

Need help?

If you'd like to find out more about Hoofpick Biz or need help building your form, reach out any time through the Messenger here. You can also request more templates if one isn't available to suit your specific use case.

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