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Post your latest news, information and updates with News Management

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Posting your news is a great way to share your important updates, photos, results and more! If you've got an app, it's also a great way to keep your timeline fresh and your riders engaged. πŸ‘€

Go to your dashboard and navigate to News Management>News.

To post News, click Add New in the top right.

Complete the News Information

This includes the Title, News Category, any of your Staff you would like to give editing permission to, the Status (set it live not), and choose whether to Display on Hoofpick for more reach. Then click Next.

Give a Description

Next, you can choose to give your post a comment on your timeline and include emojis (if you leave it blank it will take an extract from the News Content section below).

Then write your post in the News Content and click Next in the bottom right when you're finished.

Customers with Hoofpick CREME can use Chapi - AI assistant to automatically generate content or check grammar and spelling for the News content and timeline comment.

The Hoofpick Biz Form fields are not required, but they are handy if you want to share a digital form in your post. This is great for surveys, polls, rider registration forms, etc. Find out more on Hoofpick Biz.

Add Media

Now you can add Media to your News. Upload at least one image (PNG / JPEG) by selecting "Choose file".

You can also upload and attach documents by selecting "Choose file" to upload a PDF file from your device.

Add videos by pasting the URL from YouTube or Hoofpick TV.

To add multiple images, documents or videos, click on More and a new space will be provided for an additional upload.

All files should be less than 2MB each, and total upload must not exceed 10MB. If you experience difficulties uploading multiple files, try adding one, finish creating the post, and then go back and edit it to add more.

The first 3 images (plus 1 video) will be shared on your timeline. The last image you upload will be used when sharing to a social channel (Facebook, Twitter etc.) You can come back and reorder these images after submitting the News if you want and you don't need to save the changes, it will instantly save the new order.

When you've finished adding Media click Submit to save and post your News. Your News will appear in the list on your dashboard. From here, you can Edit, View or Delete any News by using the action buttons next to it.

Any Events, Services, Classifieds or Auctions you share to your timeline will also appear here. You can delete these from your timeline but you can't manage or edit them from here. Go to the listing to make any changes.

Your News will be live on your Hoofpick Hub under the News tab. It will also be shared to your app and website if you have a Hoofpick App / Hoofpick Website.

Logged in users can engage with News you share to your timeline by reacting or commenting.

Boost your post by sharing it to your Facebook page or group, create a QR code, send to WhatsApp contacts, and more πŸš€

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