When someone books one of your Bookable Services you will receive an email with their booking details.

You will see the new booking on your Hoofpick dashboard and it can also be found under Bookable Service - Appointment in the menu on the left.

To review the booking, click on Details. From here, you can see the date and time of the booking, which service it is for, and who booked it.

Their payment will be shown and you can check that you have received the funds by logging in to your Stripe account.

You can also Change Appointment Time if it is no longer suitable for you. Simply click on the green button and select a new date and time. Your client will be notified of the new details by email. 

Paid bookings are automatically approved as you have received payment. However, free bookings will need to be manually approved. To approve or reject the booking you will need to change the booking status by clicking on Approve.

This will allow you to select the appropriate booking status and then click Confirm.

If you have approved it, the booking status will be updated to Approved under Appointment in your dashboard. Or it will say Rejected if you have rejected the booking.

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