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Manually add a booking

How to manually book services or block book full days

Updated over a week ago

If a client has already paid for a booking outside of the system, or you would like to remove availability by block booking time slots or full days, you can do this from your dashboard.

Navigate to Bookable Services - Appointment in the menu on the left.

Click on Add New in the top right.

Now you can select the service you are booking, which date and what time(s).

To select multiple time slots or a full day, hold down the 'ctrl' key (or the ⌘ key on Mac) and click on each time you are wanting to book.

Select any required Add Ons associated with this service (i.e. additional horse, arena lights, etc.)

You can also enter any booking notes you might have in the Description.

Complete the client's details with their name and email address (this is a required field - if you don't have an email address you can use your own).

Select whether the booking is already Paid or Unpaid and then choose whether you want to Send Update by email to the client with the booking details.

When you have finished, click on Update and the new booking will appear under your Appointments.

Please note: The hours you booked will be shown under Time and the Amount paid will always be £0.00 for manual bookings as the transaction has taken place outside of the booking system.

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