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Changing your booking day or time for the same service

Updated over a week ago

You can change your booking day or time if it's for the same Bookable Service and the service provider has allowed this.

To change your booking go to My Hoofpick Activity - My Bookings.

From here, you can view and change any appointments with an orange "Change" button available.

Note: If a "Change" button doesn't appear, it's because you are within the service provider's Notice Period, or they haven't allowed bookings to be changed. You'll need to contact them directly to amend your booking.

Click on "Change" to select an alternative available date and time and then click "Confirm".

You will be able to review your new booking details and then click "Submit" to amend your booking.

You will be redirected to My Bookings again with a green success message. You and the service provider will both receive an email confirmation with the new booking details.

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