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Use the Find us on Hoofpick widget
Use the Find us on Hoofpick widget

Help people find more of your content by adding the Hoofpick widget to your website

Updated over a week ago

For an easy way to advertise and link through to your Hoofpick Hub, including all of your available listings, events and services, add the "Find us on Hoofpick" widget to your website. This little widget can be added anywhere on your site.

Get the widget code

Simply go to your Hoofpick dashboard and find Integration in the main menu:

Then scroll down to "Manage Integration with your website and/or Facebook" and use Option 2:

Choose from the three available widget designs and click "Copy" to copy the HTML code below it:

Note: The last widget with the black background will show up as white with a transparent background on your website.

Add the widget to your website

Now go to your website's dashboard and open the HTML editor on the page where you'd like to add this widget. Your website's HTML editor may look a little different but here's a WordPress example:

Paste the widget code you copied from Hoofpick into the HTML (or Text) editor:

Using this WordPress example, if we switch to the "Visual" editor it displays the widget.

Then save these changes to your website and visit the live page to check if it's displaying as you'd like.

When your website visitors click on the "Find us on Hoofpick" widget, they'll be directed to your Hoofpick Hub where they can browse your listings and book your services.

Note: If you'd like to embed your Hoofpick content in your website so that viewers can find and browse it without leaving your site, check out this article.

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