When you have subscribed to a Hoofpick Website package and chosen your Theme, you can start bringing it all to life in minutes!

Go to your Hoofpick dashboard and navigate to Profile Setting in the menu on the left. 

If you have a Hoofpick App, you will have previously completed your Business Details. Make sure these details are correct and scroll down to Website Settings.

Complete your Business Details

If you already have a website, your website domain will need to be moved to a new name server (please get in touch with us to do this). Otherwise, we will provide you with your new website URL.

Embed a Google Map of your location and enter your address.

In the Profile Text you can enter the Welcome text and information that will appear on your Home page.

Connect to your Social Accounts by entering your WhatsApp number and copying and pasting the URLs to your Social Profiles in the applicable fields.

You must upload a Profile Image. This will be your website's logo and favicon. 

If you are running Events or offering Bookable Services, connect your Stripe account before continuing (to receive online payments).

Website Settings

Choose how your website will appear by selecting colours and a font to match your brand.

Decide on your Menu Labels. These will appear in your website menu and link through to the relevant page (i.e. the Events menu label goes to your Events page). Please note, if you do not give a Menu Label, that page will not appear on your website and you will not be able to navigate to it. 

Each of your pages can have a Tagline which will appear below the Menu (i.e. the Events page tagline could be 'What's on?').

You can also connect to your YouTube channel* and App in the App Store and Google Play. Copy and paste the URL for each of these into the applicable field. 

*If you want to embed your YouTube video channel in your website you will need to complete this field.

Then enter the information that will appear on your About page.

Lastly, give your Menu Labels some big Hero Images that will display as a carousel on your Home page and link through to the relevant page on your website.

When you've finished choosing your Website Settings, click on Update at the bottom of the page.

Now go see what you've created and visit your new website!

All content created on your Hoofpick account (Events, Bookable Services, Classifieds, Auctions & News) will automatically be on your website. 

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