If you are using any of the Hoofpick Apps and they offer Bookable Services (i.e. arena hire, lessons, etc.) you can book your appointment directly in their app.

Go to the Bookable Service they have available in their app and tap Book Your Appointment.

Tap on an available date that suits you.

Select a suitable time and tap Confirm.

Their app may allow you to book Add Ons (i.e. Arena Lights or an Additional Horse) which you can choose to add to your booking before tapping Continue.

Review your booking details. If you are a member of the Service Provider's club, your member price will be shown here (where applicable). Then tap Proceed

You can submit a Booking Note to the Service Provider and apply a Discount Coupon to your booking (if the Service Provider has given you one to use).

Don't forget to read and accept the Service Provider's Terms & Conditions and then tap on Pay with Stripe.

Now enter your credit/debit card details to pay for your booking. You can choose to save these details for next time you make a booking in their app by ticking Remember me. For more information about using Stripe checkout see here.

Once you have completed payment your booking will be processed. You will receive an email with confirmation of your booking details and your booking will appear under My Appointments in your Hoofpick dashboard.

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