Creating a start list

How to create and manage your event start list or running order

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Once you have collected your Event entries through Hoofpick, you can create a start list or running order.

Tips before creating your start list:

  • Close your event entries - Any online entries you receive after publishing a start list will not be recorded, and you'll need to add them as manual entries or reset your start list and make a new one.

  • Make any changes to entries (i.e. late entries, scratches, class changes) - Once your start list has been published, a record of the original entries (at the time of saving the start list) will be kept and remain on the start list.

Close entries

Close Entries for an Event when you are ready to create your start list. To stop taking new entries (and only allow manual entries to be made by you) navigate to Events from your dashboard and click on the yellow Ticket button next to the Event to close the entries.

Manage your start list

To manage your start list, click on the grey button Entrants/Results next to your Event to view all entries.

Click on the Show classes dropdown to select the class(es) you want to view entries and manage. This will show the current running order based on when entries were received.

Running order

All entries will run in the order they were received, so if you want to shuffle them randomly, click Shuffle Order. You should do this first before making any other changes.

You can also manually Reorder the list by clicking on a row then dragging and dropping it into the order you want your class to run.

Add any Class Notes such as class start time and ring name or number.

Start times

To add individual start times for each entry, provide the First Competitor Start time and then provide the Interval in minutes that you want to put between each entry then press Enter on your keyboard.

For example, the first competitor will start at 10:00, and then every 3 minutes the next competitor will go. This will automatically populate the Start time fields.

If you want to leave longer breaks during the class, simply amend the start time for the entry that will run after the break with the new start time and press Enter on your keyboard. All entries below it will be updated.

To remove all start times, delete the First Competitor Start time by selecting it and then pressing the delete/backspace key on your keyboard.

You can assign each horse/rider combination a back number by adding this in the Number column.

If you don't have back numbers, leave the Number field blank and it won't show on the start list.

When you have finished making changes, click on the Submit button to save and publish your start list.

Your start list will now be visible on your Event under the Start List/Results tab for your riders to view.

Once you close your entries and publish a start list, the Enter Event button will turn blue and say Start List/Results instead, so it's easy for riders to find their running order or results.

Making changes to a published start list

After you have published a start list you can come back and make changes to any of the following and then click Submit to save them:

  • Start times

  • Class notes

  • Rider notes

  • Back number

  • Running order

  • Score

  • Rank

Any new entries you add manually will appear at the bottom of your start list. You can move them to the top so that they run first as 'late entries' using the drag and drop. Just remember to click Submit to save the new start list.

Changes you make to your start list will automatically be live on your Event. You can temporarily make your Event 'inactive' while you are managing the start list if you don't want it to be visible to riders. Do this by editing your Event and setting it to Inactive.

Reset a start list

If you want to start again, you can! Just click the red Reset button to update the entrants with any class changes or late entries you've received since publishing the start list. However, you will lose ALL details you added such as start times, back number, notes, changes to running order, etc.

What's next?

Head over here when you're ready to upload results for your Event.

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