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Creating a Virtual Event - video competition
Creating a Virtual Event - video competition

How to create a Virtual Event with video entries for riders to participate in via

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To start running virtual events with video entries, contact us using the chat in the bottom left to set up your account where competitors can upload their video entries for judging and spectating. 

If you have set up your account then simply create an Event on Hoofpick as you would normally.

Complete the Basic Information fields

For the From and To Dates you can enter the date and time you will start taking entries, to the date and time you will finish taking entries.

For the location you can still put your centre’s address, or the area you are accepting entries from.

Give a detailed Description

Including details such as:

  • The classes (and Tag references)

  • How they will be judged

  • The rules

We suggest creating a full class schedule with this information and uploading it as a PDF file in the Media section.

Each class needs a Tag reference. Use an abbreviation of the class number, month/date, and your centre’s name to easily locate their video on by searching for this Tag.

For example, Hoofpick is running a Best Plaited Mane class in April:

Title: Class 1 - Best Plaited Mane
Tag: 14HP


  • Choose any style and technique. 

  • Must include video footage during the process and the completed effort.

  • Judged by independent guest judges.

  • Video length: 1-2min.

Entry Fee: £5

Prizes: Prize money up to 10th place depending on number of entries.

Explain how to enter:

  • Choose which class(es) they want to do and enter through app / online

  • Video their entry following the class rules

  • Upload their video to

  • Make the Title of the video the Horse’s Name

  • Choose Virtual Events Category and your centre’s Sub-Category

  • Set Privacy to Public (so you can view and judge it)

  • Tag it with the Class tag e.g.  14HP

  • Select an image for the video Thumbnail.

Tell riders when the Entry Closing Date will be for videos to be uploaded.

Create Classes

Remember to give each class a Tag reference based on how you want to identify and find the videos on to watch/judge the class. Riders MUST include this Tag when uploading their video. 

Then finish submitting the details for your Virtual Event.

You can see a live Virtual Event example here.

Running the Virtual Event

You will receive entries through your Hoofpick account - Event Booking. These will have the usual information including horse & rider’s name, contact details, entry fee paid, and class(es) they entered.

To watch and judge the videos go to and search for the Class Tag e.g. 14HP. All entries/videos tagged with this will appear in the search results. 

Share the results of the Virtual Event with all riders in your News (this will automatically appear in your App and/or Website) and share on your social channels (you can share the winning video(s) if you get permission).

If you have a Hoofpick App you can also send out a push notification to congratulate winners!

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