Please note, you can't update Class Information of an ongoing event or booked entry.

You can update all other Event information at any time. Go to your dashboard and click on Total Event.

You will see a list of your existing Events. Click on the blue Edit button next to the one you want to edit and update.

Use the tabs at the top to navigate through your Event details and make any changes.

To remove or add Media such as images and documents to your Event, click on the Media tab at the top.

Hover over the file you wish to delete and you will see a red delete button appear. You can click on it and then confirm that you want to permanently delete it from your Event (once deleted this cannot be undone).

Add more media files by clicking on More and a new space will be provided for an additional upload.

When you have finished making all changes to your Event, click on the final tab at the top - FAQs - and then click Submit to save your changes and update your Event.

You will be taken back to Event in your dashboard with a message to confirm 'Event has been updated successfully.'

Done, changes saved!

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