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Content not appearing on website
Content not appearing on website

What to do if your Events / Bookable Services / Classifieds / News are not showing on your Hoofpick Website

Updated over a week ago

If you have created content on your Hoofpick account and it's not appearing on your website, there are a few things to check:

Have you added a Menu Label for it in your Website Settings?

For example, if you have created Bookable Services but they are not on your website, go to your Hoofpick dashboard and navigate to Profile Setting in the menu on the left.

Scroll down your Member Details to your Website Settings and find your Menu labels.
If you have not entered anything for Services menu label then your Bookable Services will not appear on your website and you will not be able to navigate to them from your menu.

Not to worry, simply give this menu label a title (e.g. Bookable Services) and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Update to save your changes. 

Now refresh your website and check if your Bookable Services are visible. You should be able to navigate to them from your Menu.

Are your Events / Services / Classifieds / News set to Active?

For example, you have added a menu label for your Bookable Services but one or more of your services are not showing on your website.

This might be because you have set their Status to inactive. This is quick to fix, just go to your dashboard and navigate to Bookable Services in the menu on the left, use the drop down to select Bookables List. 

You will see each service has a status where it says active/inactive. If your service is inactive, click on the blue edit button next to it and change the status to active

Then navigate to the final tab at the top of your Bookable Service settings (T&Cs) and click on Submit to save your changes. 

Now your Bookable Service status should be active and you can check to see if it's visible on your website.

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