All Classifieds are sold as subscriptions and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Available classifieds can be used in any category and can be edited and re-used multiple times without limitation during the 12 months.

If you need more than one Classified at any time, you can purchase more. 

To do this, go to your dashboard and navigate to Classifieds. Use the drop down to select Purchase Classifieds.

You can then enter the quantity of additional Classifieds you require and click Add to order

If you need 10 or more, select our value Bundle of 10 Classifieds which is 18% cheaper than buying individually.

If you want more than 15, get unlimited by selecting Unlimited Classifieds.

When you've added the Classified(s) to your order, click on Continue.

Review your order and then click Pay with Stripe to proceed to Stripe's secure checkout page.

Once you've completed payment online, your additional Classified subscription will be applied to your Hoofpick account and made available in your dashboard under Classifieds.

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