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Receiving payments with Stripe
Receiving payments with Stripe

How Stripe processes payments for your booked services and events

Updated over a week ago

Stripe facilitates a secure, efficient payment process that allows transactions on Hoofpick to be transferred directly to you.

When someone enters your Event or books your Service on Hoofpick, they will incur the following fees:

Entry or Service Fee

(you set this)

+ Hoofpick Fee

(£0.75 per class or £1.25 per service)

(1.4% + 20p per transaction)

These will all be included in the price you set for the Event or Service. The Hoofpick and Stripe fees will be split automatically at the time of payment so you will never receive a bill.

Each time a transaction is processed, your Entry or Service Fee will go directly to your Stripe account. You will be able to identify the payment made with the entry or booking that it refers to.

You can set automatic transfers from Stripe to your Bank account and decide how frequently you want these transfers to take place, or manually instruct the transfer when it is convenient for you. 

For more information about using Stripe to manage your online payments see here.

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