Use the Events Calendar

Show your upcoming Events and diary dates in a calendar view

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Show all your important diary dates in one easy to view calendar. The Calendar will automatically display any Events you create on Hoofpick, but you can also add your own meet-ups, yard sales, committee meetings, etc.

To get started, go to your dashboard and navigate to Events > Calendar.

You'll notice any of your Hoofpick Events will be there already, you don't need to add them manually and you can manage them from Events as you would normally.

When do Hoofpick Events show in the Calendar?

  • Active - Events that are "Active" will automatically be added to your calendar as soon as you create them.

  • Inactive - Events that are "Inactive" will still show in your Calendar. This is useful if you're running a competition series and you want everyone to see the date of each round but you haven't put up all the Event info yet. You can create the Event and keep it inactive so that it doesn't appear on Hoofpick or in your app, but it'll still be saved as a date in your Calendar.

  • Expired - Events that are "Expired" won't show in your Calendar or anywhere else.

Add more events to your calendar such as Club Meetings or Affiliated Events you don't run through Hoofpick, by clicking Add new.

Complete the Event Information

This includes the Title, Category, Dates, and Location. Then click Next.

Give a Description

Next, you must give a short description about this event:

Then click Submit to save it to your Calendar! πŸ“…

Your event will appear in the list on your dashboard. From here, you can Edit or Delete it by using the action buttons.

These events will show on your Calendar which can be integrated with your website or integrated with your Hoofpick app if you've added the Calendar integration.

Note: Each dot represents a different event and they're colour coded based on the Event Category, e.g. all "Jumping" events have a red dot.

Simply click on a dot to see the event info. There'll be a button to "Enter Event" if this is a Hoofpick Event and the entries are open.

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