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Edit and update an Event entry
Edit and update an Event entry

How to make changes to an approved Event entry

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It happens, riders want to make changes to their entry after it's been approved and payment is processed.

Only event organisers can change Event entries. If you have entered an event, contact the organiser to amend your entry.

Changes to classes and horse & rider details for an event entry can be made before creating and publishing a start order. Once a start order has been published, you will need to make these changes by manually adding a new entry.

Go to your Hoofpick dashboard by navigating to Event - Event Booking in the menu on the left.

Find the entry you are wanting to make changes to and click on the blue edit button next to it.

You will see a list of the class(es) they have entered and you can make the following changes by clicking in the relevant field:

  • Class

  • Rider name & details

  • Horse name & details

Once you have finished making changes, scroll to the bottom and choose whether to Send update (email) to the rider with the approved changes you've made to their entry, then just click Update.

Their new entry details are now saved!

Changes in entry fees will need to be handled manually through Stripe or your own preferred method.

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