It’s easy to send push notifications to your App Users. We will set you up with a OneSignal account when we develop your App so you're ready to get started.

First, login to your OneSignal account and go to the dashboard by clicking on your NAME.

Navigate to Messages at the top of your dashboard and click on NEW PUSH.

Select audience 'Send to Subscribed Users' to send the push notification to all App Users who have subscribed to your notifications.

Start filling in the details of your push notification:

Give your push notification a TITLE.
A SUBTITLE can be included for iOS devices only.
Enter your MESSAGE.
Click on the emoji icon to add emojis to any text box.

On the right, you can see a preview of your push notification. 

You can also choose to include an image with your notification by uploading a JPEG or PNG file (populates the media attachment for iOS, big picture for Android). Image dimensions 750*400 pixels work best in this space.

You will need to direct your App Users to a URL when they open your push notification (i.e. a YouTube video). Simply copy the URL and paste it in LAUNCH URL.

You can customise your push notification more for each device in ‘Platform Settings’. An explanation is provided on the right when you click on a function to customise it.

Schedule your push notification to ‘Begin sending immediately’ or ‘Begin sending at a particular time’. We recommend using PER-USER OPTIMISATION by selecting ‘Intelligent delivery’.

Lastly, click CONFIRM and check the details of your push notification are correct. If it all looks good, click SEND MESSAGE and your push notification is set to go!

OneSignal will take you to a page where you can view your push notification statistics. (Note: these will only be available once your push notification has been sent to your App Users.)

If you want to edit or delete a push notification before it sends, you can do this by navigating back to Messages at the top of your dashboard.

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