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Membership discount coupons
Membership discount coupons

Allow your riders to purchase your Membership plan at a discounted price

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When you create a Membership you can also create discount coupons that allow membership plans to be purchased at a reduced price (or completely free).

If you want to encourage riders to pay for their new membership early, it is a good idea to offer them an incentive by providing them with a discount coupon valid for a limited time.

To manage discount coupons, go to your dashboard and navigate to Membership in the menu of the left. 

Select Membership discount coupons at the top of the page. To create a new coupon, click Add Coupon in the top right.

Complete the details for your discount coupon:

  • Give it a Title.

  • Set an Expiry Date.

  • Choose how you want your coupon to discount the membership (Amount / Percentage).

  • Set the Discount Value (e.g. '20' for a Percentage would give 20% off the membership price).

  • Give the coupon a Code (this is what your clients will enter at checkout to receive the discount).

  • Make the discount coupon Active / Inactive. If this is set to 'inactive' riders will not be able to use it at checkout.

  • Click Save and your discount coupon will now be available.

Now you can give your clients the discount coupon (e.g. EARLY2021) to use when purchasing your Membership plan by entering your unique code and clicking Apply code.

You can manage your discount coupons (edit, delete, or add) from your dashboard by navigating back to Membership - Membership discount coupons and using the Action buttons next to the discount coupon.

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