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How to create a customisable QR code that links to your app, event, location, arena hire - anything!

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QR codes are a fast and effective way of sharing content with your customers. Pin them up in your tack room, on your arena, in your stables, in your office, on your website and anywhere else you can think of. You can link them to your:

  • Mobile app - customers can find and download your app in the app stores.

  • Event - advertise your next event with a link to enter.

  • Bookables - let customers book arena hire or lessons while they're at your centre.

  • Location - show customers where to meet for your next trail ride.

  • And anything else with a link!

With Hoofpick Link it's super easy to create and customise a QR code, and you can do it straight from all your Hoofpick listings (Events, Bookables, Classifieds, News, etc.)

Let's get started

Just go to any listing on Hoofpick and you'll see a button on the right to Create QR Code.

Click on this and your listing's unique QR code will be auto-generated on Hoofpick Link.

You can have fun customising your QR code to match your brand and colours. Have a play around and see what style you like. You can always scrap it and start again, and again...

When you're happy with your design, remember to test it with your own QR code reader on your phone or device and make sure it works.

If it opens your chosen URL, then you can go ahead and click Save and download as a PNG file.


  • Use high contrast colours for your QR code to scan quickly and work properly at any size.

  • Place your QR code on your arena, posters, business cards, your website, in the stables or anywhere else you want to make it easily seen and scanned.

Mobile App URL

To get the URL for your app, go to your Hoofpick dashboard and scroll down to Integration in the main menu.

Where it says Manage links on your Mobile App Menu, use the dropdown to select App Stores Multi Link. Then click the link button below it:

Here, you'll find your App Stores Multi Link is already in the URL field:

Now you can start customising the QR code on the right to suit your brand and colours. ✨

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