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How to send a push notification to your app users with Hoofpick

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For a super easy way of sending out some timely and important information to all your app users, you can use Hoofpick push notifications.

Use it to:

  • Give information and updates,

  • Encourage riders to engage with your app, or

  • Send important reminders, like when entries open or close.

From your Hoofpick dashboard, navigate to Mobile App > Settings.

You'll land on the bell icon at the top. This is where you can craft and send your notification.

Simply complete the fields with your Title and Message. Click on the emoji icon to add emojis to any text box.

You can choose to include an image if you want to advertise or preview something inside the push notification before it's opened. This is currently only for Android devices.

You may also choose to include a Target URL if you want the notification to open somewhere specific. Copy the URL and paste it in the Target URL field. This URL can be:

  • A website page (i.e. your website or YouTube video, etc.) or

  • An app page (i.e. your event or service, etc.) Find out how to get your app URLs.

The notification will only open on the URL if someone already has your app open on their device. If they don't, it will open on your app timeline where you can show them a news post instead.

Note: If you don't include a Target URL, the notification will always open on your app timeline.

When you're finished, click Send and the push notification will immediately be delivered to all your subscribed app users.

This communicates with OneSignal to deliver your message to all subscribed app users. If users have unsubscribed/disabled notifications for your app, they will not receive this push notification.

💡 Top tip:

Find out how to send great push notifications that drive action and engagement.

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