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Manage Add Ons for a Bookable Service
Manage Add Ons for a Bookable Service

Create, edit and/or remove Add Ons for your Bookable Service

Updated over a week ago

If you want to add additional fees & services to your Bookable Service, you can create Add Ons.

Please note, Add Ons are not available for free Bookable Services (where you are not charging a fee for the service).

Go to your dashboard and click on Total Bookable Service.

You will see a list of your existing Bookable Services. Click on "Manage Add Ons" next to the one you want to manage.

To create a new Add On, click on "Add new" in the top right.

Complete the details of your Add On, for example:

Title: Additional Horse
Description: Add more horses to your session
Price: £10 (per horse)
Image: Choose file (JPEG / PNG)
Limit: 3 (max. horses added per session)

And then click "Save".

You will now see your Add On has been applied to your Bookable Service. 

From here, you can Edit or Delete your Add On using the blue and red action buttons next to it. Or create another Add On by clicking on the "Add new" button in the top right.

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