If you would like to allow other people or third parties to use your Hoofpick account and/or App to manage their own Event, Bookable Service, Classified or News, you can give them controlled access to your dashboard.

For example:

  • Event Organisers can use your App to run their Event at your facility, or

  • Your Riding Instructors can manage their bookings through your App, or

  • Secretaries can manage entries & bookings in your account, or

  • People from your community can list their horses for sale in your App, etc.

To add Staff, go to your dashboard and navigate to My Staff.

Click on the Add new button in the top right.

Complete the required fields with their information* and set their Status to Active. 


Staff can always edit existing content they are assigned to (Events, Services, Classifieds & News).

You can extend their permissions here to allow deleting or creating new content (e.g. adding a new Bookable Service to your account).

Once you have finished allowing permissions, click Submit.

They will now appear in the My Staff section on your dashboard. From here, you can use the blue Edit and red Delete buttons next to their name to edit their details or remove them from your account.

When you add Staff to your account, they will receive an email to the email address you entered in the Staff form. Advise them to check this email and using the temporary password in the email, they can log in via the Staff Log in.

Once logged in they can change their password.

From their Staff dashboard, they can now manage any Events, Services, Classifieds & News you assign to them.

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