Keeping your riding community informed gives them confidence to use your centre, facilities and services, and helps everything run smoothly and safely for you.

You can do this by publishing your COVID-19 protocols and alerting your community to any updates or changes with a push notification.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. Create a Blog on Hoofpick (which will automatically be available in your Hoofpick app and/or website).

  2. Post to your Facebook page or group.

  3. Update your website.

Wherever you choose to share this important information, make sure your community sees it.

Send a push notification about the update.

Complete the fields and add a URL to the relevant information.

Which URL to use

If you've created a Blog, then click on the green View button next to it

Copy the URL at the top of your Blog

Or from your Facebook post

Or from your website

Then paste it in the Target URL field of your push notification.

When you click Send, your app users will not only be alerted to your news, they'll also be directed straight to it when they open the notification. Sorted!

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