If you want to send a push notification from your Hoofpick dashboard, you will need to ensure your OneSignal account is linked.

To check this

Go to your Hoofpick dashboard and navigate to Settings - Mobile App - Mobile App Settings.

Scroll right to the bottom of the page where you will find OneSignal Config. If both the OneSignal App ID and App API Key fields have been completed, your account is already linked - there's nothing you need to do! You can go straight to sending a push notification with Hoofpick.

If these fields are blank

Login to your OneSignal account and go to Settings - Keys & IDs. Here you will find your ONESIGNAL APP ID and REST API KEY.

Copy and paste your APP ID and API KEY from OneSignal into the corresponding fields in your Hoofpick dashboard and click update.

That's it, your account is linked.

Your account will stay linked and you won't need to do this again next time you want to send a notification from Hoofpick.

You can now go to Settings - Mobile App - OneSignal Notifications and send them directly from your Hoofpick dashboard.

If you require any help with this, just use the chat widget in the bottom right to get in touch with us.

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