When you send a push notification out to your app users & subscribers, you can set the notification to open a URL. This can be any URL (e.g. a YouTube video, your website, etc.) and it can also direct people to a specific part of your app so when they tap the notification it will open in your app.

To open a notification in-app, you'll need to get the app URL for the page you are wanting to direct them to. 

From your web browser, go to your Hoofpick dashboard and navigate to Integration in the menu on the left.

Select the list of Bookable Services / Events / Classifieds / News you are trying to find from the drop down menu and then click on Preview.

In the URL at the top of this page, add the word 'app' following where it says:
'eservices' or
'eclassifieds' or
'eevents' or
and then hit Enter to load the app URL for this page.

For example, https://hoofpick.net/eservicesapp/w3YD7Ws9BpZNoVML would be the app URL for my Bookable Services List. 

If you want to direct people to a specific Bookable Service / Event / Classified / Blog, simply click on it from the Preview page.

This should open the app URL, but make sure it still says 'app' in the URL.

For example, https://hoofpick.net/eservicesapp-details/arena-hire/w3YD7Ws9BpZNoVML/64 would be the app URL for my Arena Hire.

Using these URLs I can either direct people to all the Bookable Services in my app, or specifically to Arena Hire when they open the push notification. 

When you create your push notification message in your OneSignal dashboard, you will need to copy and paste the app URL into the LAUNCH URL field.

The push notification will open your app on the page you directed them to when they tap on it. 

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