Creating a blog on your Hoofpick profile is a great way to share your latest news and important updates. 

Go to your dashboard and navigate to Blog Management. Use the drop down to select Blog.

To create a new blog, click Add New in the top right.

Complete the Blog Information

This includes the Title, Blog Category, any of your Staff you would like to give editing permission to, and the Status (whether it will display or not). Then click Next.

Give a Description

Write your blog post in the Description field and click Next when you're finished.

Add Media

Now you can add Media to your blog. Upload at least one image (PNG / JPEG) by selecting 'Choose file'.

You can also upload and attach documents by selecting 'Choose file' to upload a PDF file from your device.

To add multiple images or documents, click on More and a new space will be provided for an additional upload.

All files should be less than 2MB each, and total upload on any submission should not exceed 10MB. If you experience difficulties uploading multiple files, try a lesser quantity, finish creating the blog, and then go back and edit it to add more.

When you've finished adding Media click Submit to save and post your blog. Your new blog post will appear in the list on your dashboard. From here, you can Edit, View or Delete any blog post by using the action buttons next to it.

Your blog will be live on your Hoofpick profile under the News tab (and on your mobile app with Hoofpick Apps).

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