If you are using any of the Hoofpick Apps (in our Stable of Apps) you also have access to a limited view of your Hoofpick account. Including:

  • Bookings

  • Event entries

  • Auction bids

  • Payment History

  • Bookmarks

When you are logged into your Hoofpick account on a Hoofpick App, tap on the menu in the top left and then tap on Dashboard / My Profile at the bottom of the menu.

Then open the lower menu below it.

From here, you can:

  • Edit/update your Profile Settings (including your Rider & Horse details)

  • View your Bookings & Event Entries

  • View your Payment History

  • View your Auction Activity

  • View your Bookmarks (across all Hoofpick Apps)

  • Reset your Hoofpick password

To manage your own Bookable Services, Events, Auctions, or Classifieds in your Hoofpick account, you will need to do this from the main dashboard in a web browser.

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